Scottish Power...Experiences good or bad, Tips, advice anyone? :-)

    We had a guy knock on our door the other day, he´s workin for
    Scottish Power. Said they are cheaper than Npower (who we´re with at the moment).

    Does anyone have experience with them, tips on which tarif to take etc etc?
    I know we can get Quidco if we switch to them lol
    But is it worth switching? (we have electricity and gas)

    Thanks in advance!



    we got ripped off badly when we were with scottish power.

    Why dont you have a look on Uswitch or another price comparison site and it should tell you whats best in your area.


    we got ripped off badly when we were with scottish power.

    How were you ripped off?

    the bills were through the roof. no one was reading our meter, when we put in the online readings, they said we owed them more.

    we now live in a bigger flat, and our bills are alot cheaper with british gas then they were with scottish power.


    the bills were through the roof. no one was reading our meter, when we … the bills were through the roof. no one was reading our meter, when we put in the online readings, they said we owed them more. we now live in a bigger flat, and our bills are alot cheaper with british gas then they were with scottish power.

    strange as british gas are the highest chargers i read somware that some gas firms were wrongley charging per cubic foot and not cubic meter

    Original Poster

    LOL see, we had a LOT of trouble with british gas,
    even had to go to energy watch because they wouldn´t cooperate.
    That´s why we switched to Npower. Yeah I could look how much
    cheaper Scottish Power are, actually I have done that already.
    I just wanted to hear what people have to say about them
    as I don´t just wanna go by the cheaper prices.

    we changed ours and they said cheaper by £600 if i recall correctly..but it really isnt..and we used the online calculator too. It wasnt worth the hassle!

    I was with British gas who were alright but expensive, so i switched to Npower who were supposed to be cheaper but i had hell with them. I simply could not afford what they wanted and i asked them to look into my bills which they didn't do even after several complaints. I'm now with a company called Adlantic and i'm a happy little bunny.

    im with edf my bills are high £2000+ pa for gas+elec.

    been with scottish power for 3 years had no problems - would recommend over both npower + bg

    Do NOT believe these people when they knock on your door & say they are the cheapest. They may be the cheapest for one (or more) of their tariffs but that does'nt necessarily mean that they will be the cheapest for you.

    Do as bellabonkers suggests & try out a price comparison site - the sites ask you what your consumption is then find the tariffs that match your typical usage. Oh, & don't believe the guy at the door when he says that the price comparison sites are using out-of-date figures - they're not.

    Remember, the guy at the door makes a living by getting you to sign up - if you don't sign he doesn't get paid, so he's got very strong reasons for wanting you to sign, even it it means stretching the truth. The way that I deal with these people is to ask for their details & tell them that I will do some research on the internet, then if I do decide to switch I will call them back to my house. (Don't fall for the ploy that is sometimes used: "we have a special deal going at the moment but it's running out very soon so you reallly need to sign up now...")

    I'm not saying that they are all cowboys, but do some research first rather than just accepting what they tell you. If they are the cheapest then the guy won't mind coming back later for your account.

    Im with Scottish Power, and find them incredibly cheap, had no problems with them at all, we changed to british gas (conned into it by a sales rep), and by god the prices were really steep, we changed straight back to Scottish Power and bills nicely dropped again lol

    My mother in law just signed over and instead of paying £130 i think it is every 3mths with British Gas, she only needs to pay £70 instead, so shows for yourself really how much cheaper they are.

    did i read somwhere that cold calling was going to be banned? that will stop this mess

    We were with scottish power and changed to Npower as the comparison site said it was the cheapest in our area. Total nonsense. Nothing but trouble with npower. People coming to read the meter every couple of weeks yet no bill for 10 months despite numerous phone calls to them (after spending nearly an hour on hold then to be hung up on cause they had a bad line) then hit with a massive bill that we couldnt afford to pay in one go. Swapped back to scottish power now. Never again will i change

    from what ive been told this is what happens,
    1 the meter reader comes reads your meter
    2 your supplier pays for the meter reading
    3 they calculate your bill
    4 it is then sent to you
    how the hell can they cock this up?
    i dont think they like paying for the reading,which they charge £5 apparently
    as ive said before we should charge them for the privalige to read our meters(i wish)

    If you're going to change to Scottish Power then do it online and go through Quidco as you'll get £42 for a dual fuel changeover. Been with Scottish Power for a few years and found them to be OK.

    Dont buy at the door! It is aways cheaper from my experience to buy and manage online.

    Been with SPowerfor about 3 years without any major problem.

    All bill are now going up but, some are cheaper for a while, but SP seem ok to me, it not worth moving for a few quid or short term gain

    you growing plants-skunk

    Worked in the Gas and Electricity market for 6 years and I have been with Npower, EDF and I am now with Scottish Power.

    I normally look out for the best deal in my area and that was Scottish Power a couple of year back and I went on a fixed rate.

    I will be looking about again, but I haven't had any problems (touch wood) in the 2+ years I have been with them.

    Like someone has said, try Uswitch and other comparison sites. Also check Energywatch and Ofgem as they are the governing bodies of the market.

    Hope this helps ;-)

    we wre with southeren electric which i belive is owned by scottish power and our gas bills halfved we were payiong over £60 a month now its £48 and ive had 130 rebate and am stil 200 in credit which ill be claiming bck soon
    ours should go down again as we have just had eco rendering on our home to stop heat escape and new central heating system

    I have been with Scottish power since August 2007. Before that I was with Powergen for 2 years.

    Switched as Scottish Power came out cheaper

    I submitt my readings and get an online bill. Got £30 for switching as well.
    Suggest you get your usage in KWH for Gas and Electric and then you can get an accurate comparison. I e-mailed Powergen and they gave me the amount.

    The scottish power shows your average daily usage and totals etc so easy to compare switching.

    Just did another comparision and they still the best for my usage pattern and post-code area.

    npower are offering to fix for free with no premium attached until March 2009.
    Good news in the light of expected 40%+ rises

    I was with Scottish Power then British Gas but it was actually cheaper for me to have a card meter as I was paying less then than when I had a credit meter due to standing charges as I didnt use that many units.

    Funnily enough now my current place is Scottish Power too and a card meter and we were paying 5 quid a week between 4 of us for about 6 months then they put a new meter in and all of a sudden usage tripled despite it being hot more and 2 of the tenants being away for weeks at a time
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