scrappage sceame

    What do folks think of scrappage scheme , and what would people recommend for a good small car ??
    comments appreciated , looking at hyundia 110 , ? if this to small
    want to stick around £5000 , ish if poss , any ideas ! please
    thanks !


    my daughter picked up an i10 es 3 weeks ago , gr8 little car. other one she looked at was the kia picanto which is almost identical to the i10

    ive had an i10 for over a year decent little car

    Daiewoo matiz yes i do know it's now a chevy Fantastic small car and under scrapige comes out at around £4595 on the road im in crash repairs we had 20 of them when they first came out.did not go wrong. just fantastic,:thumbsup:

    id be quick, apparently the scrappage scheme is due to finish at the end of october after the £300m pot given by the goverment is nearly empty.

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    thanks fpr replys , any other cars , recommened ???

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    hi any more ideas please !
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