scrappage sceame

    any more ideas on best small car please , thanks do people think scrappage sceme , good or better to buy , barter without it ??


    its good if you have a car that qualifies i bought an i10 when they first came out had a car that would have qualified but scheme wasnt around then got £500 for my car trade in ,now with scrapage scheme your getting some great deals on the i10 and many other cars use the scheme you wont get a better deal hagglng wthout it

    Depends. You can get some great deals out there, the new Fiesta does look like a decent little runner and have had some good reviews. If you get a brand new car, you'll get to utilise the scrappage scheme with £2000 (or sometimes more) off the overall retail value.

    But you gotta think about the extras that you'll more than likely want. Such as alloy wheels, metallic paint, comfort packages and if you're thinking of doing finance, GAP insurance. These will probably accumulate to the £2000 that you thought you'd have saved originally. Just make sure you barter with them.

    Check out ]autotrader for some buying tips. And when they offer you extras such as the insurance, haggle it down 20% as the salespeople generally get commision for these so they're willing to accept lower premiums for them. 1 last tip...always ask for free car mats! Hope it goes well for you

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    thanks for tips , appreciated !
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