Scrapping a car?

Found 5th Oct 2010
I've got a car that I haven't used for years so its totally dead so I'm looking to scrap it. The tyres are flat so would need it to get picked up as well.

So does anyone know anywhere I can get to do that for me in Glasgow?
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why dont you put it on ebay, i did this with my old car, the keys were lost so couldnt get in it or drive it etc but i got £200 for it i think it was, if no ones interested in it then ring a scrappage place.
I don't use ebay and I just want rid of it really so don't want the hassle of selling it to an individual
i think most scrappage places will pick it up for you and you still may get a bit of cash for it. im not from glasgow so not sure of any companies.
Just really looking for one I can do online because don't want to phone about, I'm lazy I know
Cheers mate, thats ideal I'll go with that
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