scratch and win with PC world. EXPIRED

find 3 presents on the scratch card and win a prize.

different prizes each day, todays in a tomtom.

you get 3 goes.


good luck!


Thanks landofdan


I'm glad are couldgive you more points to play.


No luck here................only 2 out of 3.

Thanks anyway.

Got all 3 prezzies!

Hope I win! Got 1% chance.

Might be a good chance of it then!! WD

Thanks for this Worth a scratch :santa:

Mine said "You have a 0% Chance of Winning" - Interesting!

anyone actually won anything?

just a quickone if u want to carryon playing the game just renew your ip addie then u can play as much as u like ohh and dont forget to clear your internet history as well (:


How do I change my IP address then?

if ur using windows goto start / run / then type in the box cmd hit return
then type ipconfig /release *Con* hit return
this will reset ur ip addie (as long as its not a fixed one) and away u go again.......


Thanks for this Worth a scratch :santa:

I had a bad thought in my head when i read that ray :-D


Ah, it didn't work for me, must be fixed I suppose?

Thanks anyway!

did u clear your internet cache?

Its A Cannon 900 camera today


Yeah I did and just tryed again and still didn't work. Shame I haven't got anyone to send the links to.

I thought you got 3 a day and used them all in one go

strange ive got 5 wining entries in today by clearing my history

it said I had 0% chance of winning!:roll:
Well, at least they're honest

where does it say that?

I've entered loads of disposable emails ( [url]www.dodgeit.com[/url] ) and haven't won anything. I think its bs.

Damn!! its soo hard to win these things!! ive tried 17 times now!! no luck!

The %'age chance you're shown probably relates to the amount of people in the draw. There are 261 in tonight's draw, and I was shown a 0% chance. 1/261 = 0.383% chance, or rounded, 0%


thanks, but no good mmmm

it doesnt work 4 me:-(
it says something bout a special period of tym

says its only available from 8th dec to 24th dec and won't work for me, am i missing a day or something ???:?

yeh it says that 4 me

Strange it flashes up the game then changes to the above message. Maybe it's just temporarily out of action...

It's a long temporary out of action, me thinks someone made a mess off things :?

Expired Comp ran until 24 Dec

Thanks for the update greengiant

Ho HO Ho Green Giant!! What a cool name!
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