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I want to get my PAL copy of Suikoden I repaired. It needs it, with a ton of scratches, some quite deep, and 3 marks left by the useless disc cleaning stuff I put on.

Sending a game that sells for between £60-72 on eBay in the post to random people doesn't make me feel too good. Are these guys trustworthy? There are only good things said about them on the net.

I think Gamestation have a machine but I'd rather have a disc repair specialist do the job.

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Uhm, shopto do this too, £4.50 i believe it is, and if they cant fix it they return it to you and you pay nothing, i'd trust them i spose.

Im pretty sure some gamestations do this?


Im pretty sure some gamestations do this?

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[COLOR=Blue]I think Gamestation have a machine[/COLOR] but I'd rather … [COLOR=Blue]I think Gamestation have a machine[/COLOR] but I'd rather have a disc repair specialist do the job.

To be honest mate your disc sounds like it may be too far gone as its only minor surface scratches they can normally do I think

My bad, lol. Teaches me to read properly before posting.

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The disc does still work, but not without problems...

- My PS2 can still play it without freezing/skipping, only certain musics tracks messing up. However, my PS1 laser isn't as good (it still plays other games fine) and freezes along with the music skips, or just takes forever loading when I zone to a new area.
- There a VERY flickery line just below the top PAL border. It turns into a visible bluish line during combat.
- Some odd glitchy boxes appear near the top of the screen during the opening video.

I think these machines skim a layer off the disc (how much depending on the damage), removing the scratches and marks in the process. The downside of doing so is that the disc becomes easier to destroy.

What would you guys do in my position? It only costs £3.50 and I've yet to see a bad review... I'm also yet to see an example of them being sent a game as rare as Suikoden.

I'd go for it with a local outfit where you can take it in and wait but sending it by post is iffy and the site has only been up 7 months. Do they have any track record prior to that?? I think the ones in places like game station only polish them up, ive got one of the JML disc clinic things though and thats quite good for minor scratches it works a treat they are about a tenner in Wilko's or Woollies. You may be better trying that first than risking it to the post, if you do post it though dont use their freepost envolope send it via recorded delivery! Its up to them then to prove you received it back!

not sure if you got this sorted, but i just emailed scratchbusters to see if they're still active as home bargains have a disk repair kit for £1 which includes a pre-paid envolope.

if they're still active i'm tempted, but it could be **** if not.. and i'm only talking a disc worth about a fiver

i'll reply here if they're active anyway


i'll reply here if they're active anyway

they emailed me back with "Yes we are still very active "
worth a trip to home bargains perhaps
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