basically any dvd we have bought our daughter the origial off the use copies in her dvd player in the bedroom at the moment as shes not yet understood that she can't keep opening the disc drawer and taking in and out the dvd as they are now getting all scratched - she's only 22 months and knows how to switch her tv on and put the dvd in how to change the channel to the dvd channel press play and then press play at the play screen on the main menu. But shes the habit half way threw of wanting to change the dvd and therefore the disks are ended up being scratch!

    So do they have scratch proof disks??


    no there is not

    there are some dvd players now ,well most have a remote control/player lock on them

    or you could put them in for her ...

    Original Poster Banned

    i do put them in but she takes them out as soon as my backs turned, its a dvd tv combo the 68.99 silver one in argos. funny name brand of tv

    or try putting the player on a unit out of her reach,those things arnt that heavy and then she carnt reach it

    Original Poster Banned

    will need to buy a unit then as its on top of a tox box that she doesnt use. it was put to be inline with her cot so she could see it when in the cot

    Me, I'd give up on DVDRs, and buy her ebay item number 150165060913 . It's a drive enclosure into which you install a harddrive, which you then connect via USB to a PC to use as an external HDD (basically, so you can copy movies and stuff onto the drive), and then to the TV, so you can actually watch stuff off it. It is, admittedly, a relatively expensive solution, but it does open the possibility of piracy up to you, and that can save you thousands. And it'd force your girl to learn how to rely on words rather than pictures, too, so it'd save you money and be educational.

    Cover the DVDs in cling film before she uses them.


    22 months? Why would you want her to have a tv in her room at that age? Surely its dangerous if nothing else what if she pulled it ontop of herself?
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