Scratch to table

    I recently purchased an oak table and within a matter of days managed to get 3 scratches on it.
    Now the problem is getting rid of them!
    I remember the yellow pages advery years ago (am I showing my age here!!!), where the guy did the same and managed to get it remembered. Does anyone remember how?? If not, any suggestions on how I would get this out (preferable the cheap option?


    hi the proper way would be to get it french polished, thats how it was removed, the cheap way is to use some touch up crayons, quite simply they are would coloured crayons, you kids use really and they blend into the grain and fix it, all being well

    How badly is it scratched and what sort of finish is on the table? It could be as simple as rubbing them down with sandpaper and then re-oiling or re-varnishing the areas, depends on the type of table I suppose. If it's really bad and it's a special finish then a french-polisher would be the more expensive solution to it, though.

    how about boot polish??!!

    We used dark brown shoe polish on our scratched oak table and it worked a treat, try it on a very small area first, good luck. :thumbsup:

    " Hello...French Polishers? - you could just about save my life!!!"


    " Hello...French Polishers? - you could just about save my life!!!"


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    Sorry for the late reply.

    Thanks very much for the responses. Am going to try the shoe polish first. Not sure about how good the crayons would look (and my daughter seeing me doing it - thinking that it would be her new drawing table).

    If there is so much as a tiny dent on any of my parent furniture my mother goes mad and begins interrogating people. Anything being used is going to get 'war wounds' sooner or later- imo they add character. Damage after a few days is probably a bit annoying though!

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    It definately is. I just moved into my new house and bought the table especially.

    I cannot hold dinner parties with such a long scratch running right down the middle of it.

    down the middle? ooh blimey! Have you thought about having a piece of glass cut to cover the top? It can look quite good, especially with woodgrain.
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