Scratched Bath Repair ??

    Ok as strange as it sounds i wore my new football boots in the bath to try and stretch the leather on them...when i got out i noticed that the bath had lots of scratchs on the bottom.

    I am not sure how as i didnt move, i had the laptop in there watching 4OD so was pretty still.

    Anyway does anyone know of any quick repairs ?? Its a rented house and there was a large chip before which has been repaired but i am a little worried that i will get charged etc for these when i eventually leave ...


    no but i have an amazing picture in my head:w00t:

    you must of looked one crazy dude... football boots and a laptop?? I hope you were wearing shorts!!

    Is it an acrylic bath ?

    Sorry i dont have any advice, but after reading how your bath got scratched i could not not post (if that makes any sense)!

    Okay - so you wore football boots in your bath (which am i right in thinking was actually full of water) and you had your laptop near by.

    Trying to create a picture reminds me of a scene that could be in a final destination film with all the things that could have happened.

    Edit: When posting i had only read the first part of your post, but have now seen the part where it is a bath in a rented house so you need to repair it. I have come accross a repair kit for around £25 at…381. Try Rudolfs suggestions and if none of the free or cheaper methods work then paying for this might work out cheaper than whatever the landlord wants.



    Brasso liquid or the wadding cloth.
    You could try Tcut.
    With all try a small area 1st.:thumbsup:

    ]DIY Bath repair

    Works wonders! Used it on a brand new bath, some clott dropped a hammer in it and left a large chip after it was fitted. Used Cramer bath repair now you can't even see it! If you're not sure which colour to get acording to the age of bath/colour give their support team a call. Very helpful.

    Actually, it's more for big chips, not sure about scratches, they might have another product though.

    ]Cramer repair instructions

    Good Luck

    Charlie Brown

    Original Poster

    i know, i know, but its not an uncommon way to stretch football boots ... 2 pairs of socks on and sit in the bath. Laptop was sat on the closed toilet so i could watch TV as i was going to be in there for 30 mins ... set the programme off, get in the bath and relax watching TV !!

    Not sure what sort of bath it is ?? sounds metallic when i give it a tap so i assume its the enamel which is scratched ??

    Havent had a good go with a decent cleaner or anything yet, some of them have just rubbed off but some are quite dark and although dont seem like they have taken a layer off (still runs smooth to the touch) they are quite noticeable

    I found this on ebay which seems like it would do a job but dont want it to be too obvious or to not run smooth to the touch - ]http//ti…her
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