Found 26th Dec 2009
my ds lite is scratched and i want to change it. i've seen you can get a new housing, but it looks complicated to fit and voids warranty

wanted to know what you guys thought or any alternatives, or know anywhere that would fix a new housing for me?



Whats scratched - just the housing or the screens? (i would just live with it if it were the housing or maybe put on a silicon sleeve or stickers?)

look on youtube

it is fiddly but if its bad enough to stop you playin go for it but make sure you have a steady hand the main worry when changing is the ribbon that connects you top screen through a hinge sounds terrible but if you do a bit of a search you can get step by step guides that show you what to do

I changed the casing on a ds and its pretty easy although the triggers have little metal rods that can be fiddly, I left the topd half on though because the speakers are glued to in and I coudlnt be bothered messing around to that extent. ended up with a ds that was half black, half white and looked pretty damn good !


welcome back boogly 11:)
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