Screen bleeding, What should I do?

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I brought this from ebuyer, about 3 weeks ago, its a good montior I like it, but at the top and bottom of the link I am getting bleeding. What should I do, take it back to Ebuyer for replacement or give samsung a ring?

I heard someone that they dont exchange TVs when have screen bleed or soemthing like that :thinking:.



Your contract is with EBuyer so if it is not up to scratch it will be they who have to bear responsibility; having said that, it may be easier to contact Samsung and get it replaced - certainly worth giving them a call.

How bad is the backlight bleed? If you take a picture of it in a pitch black room with only a black screen on then ill be able to tell you if you can get a monitor with less back light bleed.

Got an elastoplast? :-D


]Screen bleeding, What should I do?

What did you do?

Cheers, Dio :thumbsup:

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I posted it on AV fourms, and they go you should keep it and see if it gets wrose. I done a bit of research and found that most LCD screen bleed slighty. If it gets wrose then ill take it back to Samsung.

my lcd has light bleeding in all 4 corners.pale blue.

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my lcd has light bleeding in all 4 corners.pale blue.

what LCD is it mate? and how bad, mines only ever so slighty, but being a AV connsiour and all, it annoys me lol

samsung 32, the tech guys are coming next week to look at it.
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