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Found 1st May 2007
Might be a bit of a strange request but my TFT monitor has a load of streaky lines where I think something has been splashed on it and is in need of a good scrub. However, I do'nt want to damage the screen or leave more streaks on it so wondered if there were any cleaners or wipes of some sort out there especially for this?

Any help and recommendations are much appreciated!


Aldi sometimes have screen wipes for £1.99, otherwise get some from PC World or Staples

I got some from Aldi last week - box of 100......

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Are they any good? I was tempted to use my girlfriends makeup wipes to clean it, as they look pretty similar, but wasn't sure whether they would just create further streaking across the screen.

Its a nightmare when the sun reflects them.


I got some from Aldi last week - box of 100......

we have got some and they are good

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Thanks. I will get a pack :thumbsup: Really appreciate your help.

Even when you use the Aldi screen wipes it will leave streaks unless you polish off the excess. I use a microfibre cloth when the screen is still damp.

You will laugh at this...

I have always used a soapy (as in fairy liquid) soft cloth and a tea towel (to wipe off the soap suds) on ALL the lcd monitors / laptop monitors / LCD screens I personally have had, and others too and NEVER had a problem.

Its free, and I like free
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