Screen Protector For Samsung Tocco

    Hey guys,

    Just got a new contract with O2 and got a samsung tocco. Ive got the little cover you get with it any awy but wondered whether any one knew where i can get a screen protector from. Would ebay be my best bet, as seen some mirrored ones and silicone ones, but not how good they would be.
    Any help would be good!!

    P.S Is this a good contract for what im paying in your opinion

    O2 18 month contract - £27
    1200 Anytime Mins
    1000 Texts
    Unlimited Data Bolt on?



    Yea i think that is a prety good tarriff if you got the phone free?

    I got the new Sony Ericsson C902 Titanium
    1000 mins
    800 texts
    Unlimited data
    £40 cashback
    all for £24 a month 18 month.

    I think yours is a good deal though ! As for the screen protector its a lot easier and cheaper to get them off ebay in my opinion

    For screen protectors i would say amazon, my hubby got his viewety ones from there for £2
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