Screen protector issues

Posted 16th Dec 2019
I am going through screen protectors like no tomorrow.

I thought that regular people use a screen protector + a cover at the same time. It seems screen protectors these days are made in such a way that it fouls the cover when a cover is fitted, thus lifting it and destroying the protector. Who actually buys a screen protector but not a cover?

How does one get around this? I have found "cover safe" screen protectors before, but I cannot find any for the P20 PRO.

Any ideas?
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Spigen cases work with Spigen screen protectors, not sure if they do you model though.
I have a Samsung S9 with a Lifeproof Slam case and Whitestone Dome glass. Both fit pefectly together with no pinching or lifting at the edges.

I did quite a bit of research on compatible cases and glass as Initially I was buying the P20 Pro but struggled to find a case and glass that fit together.

Whitestone do glass for the P20. If you find a case you like do a search to see if both are compatible?
My husband and myself both of one of these

Huawei P20 Pro Screen Protector [Full Coverage, Case Friendly], Alinsea P20 Pro Tempered Glass [2 PACK] [No Peeling off] [Full Screen Glued] 9H Screen…iSH

Bought them July 2018 and they're still going strong on both phones now. Both of us have cases (his is Spigen and mine is a Sketch one but it worked with the Otterbox one I had before this too)
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