ScreenSelect - what is the best new subscriber offer

I want to sign upto ScreenSelect and the best offer I can find is £12.50 cash-back with one months free subscription with QuidCo.
Anyone know of any other better current offers or promotions that I could use instead?


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Also the Sainsburys DVD rental offer seems to have finished at QuidCo and the only other one I can see is from rpoints for £2.50 cashback. Anyone know of any other codes for this one.

As I haven't signed uop to any DVD rental companies so at the moment I am only really interested in the free offer ones

There are some websites where if you sign up to screenselect through them and get 5 other people to do the same then you get a free ipod but I dont think ur allowed to say what they are on here.

You still get a month free too.

The free iPod offers are all pyramid schemes mate.

Thanks for your first post though.

Moved to correct forum.

A lot of DVD rental sites use the same provider service, such as ScreenSelect and Tesco, LoveFilm and CD-WOW. That means you might not be able to use every single free trial offer. But you'd be informed if that was the case, during registration.
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