Screw in tap

Posted 23rd May
Wonder if anyone would know how to remove this screw that is in my tap. I am trying to stop my tap leaking but cannot seem to get pass stage 1
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Have you tried using a screw extractor kit? If you don’t have one and the screw is stripped then you can just drill in to it carefully with a very small drill bit and remove it that way.
As above or try and use some long nosed pliers if the head of screw is large enough to grip.
Also, sometimes its worth trying to tighten it a bit to crack the tension and then undoing it will be easier if you can get the grip on it.
Looks like the end of the cartridge?....If you know the tap name/type. Look to see how that particular one comes apart. Might be a grub screw or unscrew the silver part surrounding it to get to the cartridge.40847780-nWbHB.jpg40847780-0G6WN.jpg40847780-7Hbxv.jpg
Had the exact same problem. Didn't have the right tools to remove it. Had to complain to the manufacturer as it was still under the guarantee period and they sent me out replacement taps. Made sure i unscrewed the cap and put a little wd40 on the thread of the new taps so i know it can be unscrewed when they fail.

I suppose the best way would be to drill the head off to remove the cap. You would then be able to remove the thread using some pliers
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