Posted 11th Sep 2022
Anyone had problems while checking out with Screwfix today?

Place an order earlier today once the security animation finished, I was presented with an error, stating:
"We're sorry we are currently experiencing problems in processing this payment. Please check your card details and re-try or alternatively use Paypal".

The transaction shows up in my bank account as a pending and in fact, shows up twice as I tried again and now there are two transactions showing in my bank account.

Phoned the bank and they say the transaction is "pending" until Screwfix claim the funds.

Also phoned Screwfix and they don't have a clue what's going on.

I have also been having issues purchasing items sold by Amazon with the same card, but curiously, orders for items FBA and other Amazon Market Place sellers go through OK.

Doing my head in and have spent countless hour on the phone to Screwfix, Amazon and both HSBC and Halifax and no-one has a clue as to what the issues might be.

This all started a few months after the new banking security protocols started around March 2022 and although I've seen other's complaining about similar issues, it doesn't affect everyone.

Even my wife who has a joint access to out main account does has no problem on the same sites.

Anyone have any ideas?

Oh and before anyone asks, yes, there's plenty of funds in the accounts.
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    PayPal been playing up. Was down last week. I had error 403 earlier today using PayPal but then decided to work.
    Just use card directly or Google wallet or wait and try again
    I don't think the OP is trying to pay with Paypal.

    OP, have you thought about asking your card company to provide a new card - tell them the one you have is damaged. I had similar a few years ago and a new card resolved the problem.
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    Did you managed to fix this issue? I am getting same error with payal on screwfix only. Paypal payments working on everywhere except screwfix. Waiting since last 5 says.
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