Screwfix - price rises - some observations!

Found 2nd Sep 2006
Just a word of warning for Screwfix customers. I have used them for years, but haven't needed anything this year so far. I put together an order yesterday, but mistakenly did it from the Spring 2006 catalogue instead of the current one. After transferring the details to the online order form I was amazed how much the prices had risen between the Spring and Summer catalogues. I was ordering a range of common plumbing consumables. Every single item cost between 15% and 45% more and the whole order cost had increased by 26.5%. Many of the items are now no more expensive in my local B & Q. Just don't assume that Screwfix offer the same value as they have done previously - it's worth comparing other retailers first.
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Good heads up merlinethehappypig! It often happens that you get in the habit of ordering from somewhere because you trust the prices and then they slowly creep up without noticing!
Prices creeping up might have been o.k.........I've checked another 50 or so common items I've purchased before and prices have risen an average of 25% between the Spring and Summer catalogues. Trouble is when you are buying run of the mill consumables they aren't actually that expensive each, so a rise from say 60p to 75p isn't that noticeable, until you compare the cost for the whole order. I actually made a mistake in my first post and missed an item. The order total based on the Spring 2006 catalogue was £52.42; in the Summer 2006 catalogue it came to £69.02, an increase of almost 32%!
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