screws for brackts for SONY BRAVIA 32inch LCD TV...

Found 8th Jun 2009
i think i either posted or responded to a post before regarding the above but cant find now
bascially everyone found it very hard to get the right screws to fix the sony bravia 32 inch from JOhn Lewis/Marks and sparks etc to a wall bracket, or brackets on tv stands

can someone kindly please tell me whether they found he right screws, where i can get them or anything else to help me
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I had the same prob but I got some screws from Focus, can't think what they were called at the mo but I'll see if I can find out tomorrow.
cheers thanks very much
had the stand for ages but tv still not screwed in!

appreciate your help
Just looked online and they are called M6 screws/bolts the thickness depends on the type of bracket, if your using spacers etc but between 16mm-25mm.
Hope this helps.
excellent will have a look

really helpful...atleast i can try to hook it up now

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