Scrubs, Season 8, Last ever double episode

    Have been watching Scrubs now for the past 7 years, just watched the last ever double episode and jees im sad, actually feel genuinely sad!!!

    Ahh the power of TV, any other Scrubs fans out there?



    Jed Maxwell;5420751


    LOLOLOLOLOL :thumbsup:

    yep, love it

    Braff is signing up for 9 episodes of the 9th season.

    At least he will be in some, wont be the same without him even if everybody else stays.

    I was dissapointed with the last 2 seasons, they felt rushed out for my liking, they had a lot crammed into there life in the last 2 seasons with babies, marriages etc.

    The episode where JD and Turk stayed all night with the dying patient instead of going out for steak night was a really good episode, sad but good.

    hated it at first, then loved it, now its okay.

    fantastic last 10 mins. its criminal to keep it goin.

    they should have stopped a while ago, some of the recent episodes have been terrible

    It definitely went downhill for the last few series but I thought the last episode was really well done, and had a bit of a tear in my eye for the 'flashforward' montage right at the end. Disappointed they plan to make another season, don't see the point after they wrapped it up in this last episode but hey ho.
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