Scuba Diving Equipment

    does anyone know a place where they sell it cheap



    Cheap is not necessarily good, especially putting your life at possible risk.

    If you are only starting out it might be worth just to hire the gear when you need it, especially if your doing it abroad (luggage space!).

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    sorry to confuse, i didnt mean cheap and nasty gear,i ment good quality gear but at good prices,i am doing it aboard,but i will be visiting very regularly,relatives live over there.that way all i have to do is pay for the air and not the equipment hire prices.

    i would recommend hiring the equipment. Im a scuba diver, everytime i go somewhere by the sea i'll go diving, but to be honest, hiring the equipment is a lot better than buying it, as at least its handled by proffesionals who will make sure it works. and if it fails they just pass you a working one.

    If your looking to buy kit there are a few web sites which have the best deals. Best thing to do is go into your local shop and try things out first of all so you know what to look for.

    Sites i've used are: - Just watch the dates on some items, e.g. cylinder test dates
    sds watersports
    ebay - buy new items with guarantee - no need to service the item to be safe. - can find some good deals on here.

    Or if your in the south, try LIDS (London International Dive Show) on the 10/11th of March.

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