Scuba diving in Egypt - HUKD trip

    Anyone wanna come diving to Egypt in October? Can dive if you wish, learn if you want or just sunbathe if you prefer.
    Camel riding, go-karting quad biking in the sinai, casinos, bars, restaurants etc etc.
    Should be sharks in October


    One of my favourite places in the world, I just can't come on this trip though:oops:

    me me paying?!!

    Original Poster

    I need a holiday, been back in work for 4 days now

    Original Poster

    If i win the lottery, lol



    I need a holiday, been back in work for 4 days now

    yeah drinking tea and shuffling files :w00t:


    One of my favourite places in the world

    Me too... I love Cairo... I'd like to live their one day as an eccentric english gent with a pith helmet on!


    who's paying?

    You ??


    I wish:-D

    Me too lol

    Great diving/ snorkeling, people and scenery would recommend especially if you want me as a free guide .... you just pay the travel/accommodation :giggle:

    Hotel Intercontinental is under £200 each all inclusive (is a 5 star) but don't know anything about flights........

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    intercontinental is one of the best hotels in sharm, stayed there a few years ago. Got it well cheap and was gobsmacked at how good it is
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