Scuba Diving in Scotland

    Looking to do scuba in scotland, done basic with an instructor, I'm not qualified to dive alone so looking to get a price for hire of the gear and an instructor(s) preferably a group so to keep costs down.

    anyone know a good place and a reasonable price



    Probably your best bet would be to put a post on ]http//ww…php

    Its a busy forum with people from all over the UK. Hopefully there will be someone who is local to you that can advise.

    I will call back here in the morning when I have more time.

    I'm just in the middle of qualifying for open water, from what i understand you cannot hire the dry suit unless you have the dry suit quallification. If you do a try dive/discover scuba it will be in a wet suit which may be too cold in scotland to dive.
    Gavjbrown has the best idea with the forums but i would also enquire at the local dive centers in scotland.

    Daft as it sounds it might be worth checking out diving in sharm el sheik in egypt, you can pick up a week Ai dirty cheap and do one of the many diving courses available.

    If you do go dive at the Blue Hole in Dahab, it is amazing. Dnt youtube it though as the corpses of the macho idiots are rotting away at the bottom.

    What training have you done up to yet and what agency was it with - Padi, Bsac etc.

    Your best bet will be to join a local club as that will work out cheaper and you can borrow kit.

    But there are other options depending how quick you want to get qualified and how much spare cash you have.

    Original Poster

    It was with padi in cyprus, did 3 dives, after the first dive I wasnt going to bother again but went as it was cheaper as you dont have to go through the safety stuff again. 1st dive was ok but I had trouble with inflating the jacket and manouvering, the 2nd dive was better and in a differnt loaction, there was less people and it was more open so it didnt feel as cramped with people all over you and the by the 3rd dive I was a lot lot better,confident and thoroughly enjoyed it. I got a certificate that allows me to dive within a year with an instructor. the full course was 300 euro which I wish I had just done now.

    The openwater course cost me £295, you'll have to complete 5 confined water dives (swimming pool), 4 openwater dives and 5 exams the pool sessions are reduced if you completed the discovery scuba within 12 months so it wouldn't take that long.
    All my exams and pool sessions are out of the way now and I've only got the 4 openwater dives left before i qualify.

    Just a note!!!!
    over the years i have done 6 Discover scuba days abroad, i had every intention of qualifying abroad due to the time it would take over there as opposed to over here. But i am soooooo glad i did it in England due to it being very thorough and cannot see how the abroad courses could fit it all in in the short space of time.

    Hope this helps
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