Scuba Diving Kit - How much will it cost?

    I am looking to join a local club but I need my own equiptment, does anyone have any idea how much I would be looking at to get a full set up including tank, suit, boots etc?

    I would buy second hand if nesecary, I have been told about £1300 by someone who runs the club but I'm not sure if he meant new or second hand.

    It would mainly be for dives in the Lake District as they do a weekly dive locally but maybe the odd time down south looking at wrecks & they do a trip to the red sea each year as well.

    So I have no idea what type of equipment would be needed.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks alot




    £1300? Ouch that's expensive! I've only ever hired the gear when I've dived.

    A mate of mine runs a diving school - I'll try to remember tomorrow and give him a call to find out what he thinks.

    dry suit - £100 - 2nd hand
    undersuit - £25 - new
    BCD - £170 - new
    regs - £230 - new
    mask - £15 - new
    Cylinder £100 - new
    Gloves & hood - £40 -new
    fins - £50 - new

    Easy under £800, buy some of the kit off ebay, drysuit etc. unless you want a 7mm steamer or similar. It gets extremely cold in the Uk, particularly when you hit a thermocline.
    Buy new regs though and check ebay for items. If you buy a cylinder 2nd hand find out when the test was last done. You are taking a risk on any cylinder that is out of test by a couple of years. 2nd hand regs will also need testing, for a 1st & 2nd stage and an octopus it will probabaly cost around £70

    There are loads of major brands around Mares is going cheap at the moment, oceanic, scubapro, aqualung etc etc

    Original Poster

    Thanks alot for the replies, £800 sounds a little better although its still alot to pay as I'm a student.

    Will have a look about on the net & see what there is, I have seen quite a few BCD & Regualtor packages which may bring the price down a bit
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