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    Hi guys!

    just wondering if anyone could point out some good deals on 1GB/2GB SD cards. i dont really know where to start looking...

    I'd probs pay £30ish for a 1GB or maybe upto £50 for 2GB (inc delivery) tho i'd prefer not to buy off ebay.



    1Gb at Amazon £30.99p with SuperSaver delivery:…-21

    Abouve is a brilliant offer !!!!

    but.. when i froogled 1gb sd card i come across this ..…d=1

    £16.99 ?? possible glitch ?
    £16.99 is very cheep, am actualy after a 1gb card

    Actualy This site seems VERY VERY cheep in everything ! im not wot the con is ? any one shed light on this ?

    Another update

    Its 16.99 for delivery. that were the con is ! never mind !

    I think that's something to do with an eBay seller after looking through the FAQ's. I can't find a contact method either. Also looks like it's from Hong Kong.

    Original Poster

    mmmm....looked like an interesting deal but it is from hong knog. can i ask has anyone ever had any bad experiences when buying from these international sellers.... on ebay, i've found sandisk 2GB SD card that come to about £20, delivery included - tho its from hong seems 2 good 2 be true but i am tempted :P

    £20 incl delivery !!! that is 2 good to be true, what about "insurance needs to be added" bit ? some people put this on as it gets past paying 2much ebay fees

    link me 2 this deal :P does sound 2 good to be true

    I did once buy from an international seller, and within 2 weeks my item had been delivered. I believe it was a mobile phone cable with a free software cd. Best way to know if they are reliable sellers is via their feedback rating.

    they are so cheap from faraway places in asia because they put an incorrect customs amount on the parcel. if you're willing to accept the small risk of having to pay at least another £20 if customs open up your box, and the slightly bigger risk of not being able to return the card if it's rubbish....then go for it ! As with most things, the price reflects the quality/level or risk of the product.

    Can also be fakes! - hard to believe - but ahve heard of a few people buying cheap sony duo sticks for their psp's and they weren't originals.

    think said this in another thread (Just making sure you caught it)

    think Viking … Viking 1GB SD Card £27.99 Delivered... what's the cheapest 2GB SD Card you can find? £49.35 on Amazon?

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