SD card advice? thanks muchly xx

    Hiya, I just bought one of these for my daughter for her birthday.…-at

    I was wondering what kind of sd card to get? I don't really know much about sd cards so any advice is appreciated.

    I saw this one…1-1

    mentioned on a thread somewhere, is it any good? is class 6 the best type to get?

    I want to spend about £10 if possible, it doesn't have to be a huge capacity one, 8gb is fine.


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    Hi. The higher the class the faster the write speed but not always best as its dependent on the limitations of the hardware. Class 4 and above should be fine for these.

    I used to have one of these devices and I purchased a 8GB SD Card for it (around a tenner or something to buy) which took the total storage up to 12Gb and these Creative ZENs are great little devices and well worth the money. Total Quality I'd say.

    There is a 16gb SD Card coming out in a couple of weeks for £17.99 at (Link here) ]http//ww…tml

    It would make a great accompanyment for the player and total storage would be 20Gb! Either way your daughter wont be disappointed. Cheers.

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    Ah, thanks for the info

    She borrows my ipod to watch films, so wanted to get her something of her own, but didnt really want to pay that much so this is perfect. lol.

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    This any good?…c-/



    might go for that one. thank you!

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