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    Lost my digital camera card so im after another one is there a difference between SD and SDHC card????

    Also does anyone where the cheapest place to buy one is would prefer 8gb or 4gb.

    Thanx for any help


    sdhc offer faster transfer rate, but aren't backward compatible - therefore they can only be used in sdhc devices. get one for your sd device, and you've effectively wasted your cash.

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    My camera just says SD on it so the SD HC wont work will it???? Also do you know anywhere to buy SD card???

    this is the internet, there are lots of places to buy SD Cards.

    SDHC, HC = High Capacity

    Everything above 4Gig if i remember right, so your new SD card can't be over that…tml

    2gb for £4.99 - free delivery

    post the make/model of your camera, someone will know. If it is under about 2 years old I would say it takes SDHC.

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    Thanx for all the help my camera is a vivitar vivicam 8370.

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    Thank you so it says the maximum i can use is an 8gb SD card thanx for all the help everyone.:thumbsup:

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    Just a quick question it says on this website that the camera is compatible with SDHC card aswell where is shows the 8gb card so this means mine would work with the sd hc card is this correct?

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    So this one should be ok…tml

    You also get another with it for free?

    Whatever size you go for I would recommend 2 cards rather than one, ie, if you want 4GB I would always get 2 x 2GB as this gives you flexibility to download etc whilst still having a card available to use in your camera. I also personally use Micro SD with an adaptor to use elsewhere if required (mobile phones etc).

    I also have an adaptor (…537) that enables several types of memory card to be fitted into a USB type reader and this means that you should never have a problem connecting to a computer as nearly all have USB connection.

    No links to memorybits - just use them a lot with no problems.
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