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Found 28th Dec 2008
Not sure if this is the best place to ask this question, but here goes.

I have my safari photos on a 2GB SD card and while I was using the camera it reported something like "card error".

When I got home and put it into my card slot, the card was unreadable. So I need to find a way to recover the files, anyone any idea how I can go bout doing this?

I've tried various utilities where you can preview the recovered files before you have to pay for the software license, but unfortunately none of them were able to recover the files. This is the only SD card that has my safari pics so I want to do everything possible to recover them.

Windows reports a file system error so not sure who and where I need to go to get the files recovered.

I'm based in London, England but happy to travel anywhere to a lab or a specialist to get the files recovered - anyone know where I should try? I'll be devestated if I lost my pictures.

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Try this link, dont take anymore pictures in the meantime,as you will possibly overwrite your pictures…920

hope this helps
Try this ]http//ww…tml

Its free. One of the other HUKD users posted it on another thread. I'll try and find the thread as well as there were other suggestions but this software is free, which is why it stuck in my
oh my goodness I am so sorry, I've no idea how to help but just thought I'd post to say sorry.... I love photographs and to lose pictures like yours would be devestating. I hope someone can help you.

Have you tried yahoo answers? They can be quite good.
My video of my newborn (born at home, meeting the others,) was lost. I now keep my precious pics in my hair, doh!
I think Formula One went over it, by accident of course.......
Don't panic! Exactly the same thing happened to me whilst in Kenya this year. If you take your SD Card into Jessops they will be able to recover the photos for you - when I did they only charged me for the cost of the CD (which was nothing compared to loosing the photos). I did have to leave it with them a couple of days, but they really were 1st class.
I just tried that software link, and I must have tried about 10 different applications now, and none of them work. I think the problem is inherently because the file structure of the card cannot be read.

I've tried Jessops yesterday and they don't offer that service any more. I went to SnappySnaps and they tried but no luck.

Looks like the only way to get it fixed, if at all, is to use a specialist recovery lab that physically strips out the memory chips from the card. I just somehow I can get it to work and the pictures come back.

I've used this card for years and the first decent holiday I go to for years and this happens.

Thanks for all the good luck wishes, its very encourging.

If anyone has any more ideas pls let me know.

thanks again
There is someone else you could try, it is a company called Baskind, they are based in Leeds so you may be able to send the card to them for the data to be recovered. They are a small family business and when I used to work in Asda's photoshop we used to take work to them which we couldn't do, they always seemed very helpful and good at what they did.

Here is there telephone number: 0113 275 1234

I don't know for sure if they will be able to help, but anything is worth a try to recover such important pics.

BTW Where did you go on safari?
I have software at work which our photography department use, PM me if you are willing to send me the card and I will attemp to recover your photos for free.

I too was in Kenya in October and look forward to going back again soon, fantastic safaris :thumbsup:
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