SD Card to USB Adaptor - Does anyone have a spare?

    just after an adaptor for my SD Camera Card as i've misplaced the lead

    It's like USB stick, with SD slot for the Card.

    if anyone has one, then I'll pay for postage



    you can get them off ebay for £1
    edit make that 49p
    Edited by: "whatsThePoint" 10th Nov 2010

    If its any help to you they sell them in the poundland.


    Are things really that bad up t'north?

    Original Poster


    Are things really that bad up t'north?

    Nope, but I thought some kind person on here may have a spare they no longer need! ;-)

    cheaper all round to get it off ebay. Late at night they have some go for a few pence.
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