SD Cards on the high street... cheapest place?

    Bought my parents a digital photo frame and need to buy some SD cards to put the pictures on.
    Anyone happen to know where I can find some SD cards on the high street, cheap as possible?
    Ideally need over 1gb for not much more than a fiver if possible.......
    anyone got any ideas?

    Muchos gracias!



    [COLOR="Sienna"]tesco's were doing for 4gb for under a tenner.

    Morrisons usually have sandisk ones dirt cheap as well.

    BTW: This is a deal request, please use the correct forum.[/COLOR]

    morrisons still had the special offer ones £5 - was there monday -:thumbsup:

    Sainsbury had 2gb for £5.99 I think? yesterday.

    I asked same question yesterday.
    Best I could find in town was £12 from jessops for 2gb!
    Got mine from tesco which was £8 for 2gb.
    Could always try the Market if u have one.
    Good luck.

    bought 4gb for around £8.50. make is kingston
    purchased from

    Morrisons still had the special offer ones £5 - Winsford on 24/12/09
    Scan Disk class 2

    if it is just for a photo frame, I have just under 1000 images in about 160mb, so you dont need a very big memory card. I am using and old 256meg SD card
    There are various packages around that can resize for you, I use Photoshop elements which resizes to the exact size I need for the frame. So if you have any old memory cards lying around that are no good for camera's any more due to huge megapixel, they are perfect for digital picture frames

    Another free software that you can use for batch processing is irfanview

    Have a great Christmas
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