sd memory card whats the 'lock' for on it, any1 know???

    ok, what is the lock switch for on the side of an sd memory card, what is its purpose??


    If you switch the lock on, it won't let you write any data to the card, or delete anything from it. Just keeps things safe, if you don't want to risk any accidents.

    to protect the data on it. if its locked you canoot read/write

    lock the SD card to prevent writing data to it, or deleting data from it

    You really are blonde arnt ya !

    It's to Lock it so you cant write over whats already on there ;-)

    three simultaneous posts, thats a first!

    ...and second, and third

    edit - FOUR!

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    cheers thankyou, i thought it might have been that, thanks for confirming it !!

    Tut matchsticks

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    Tut matchsticks


    Its So The Fbi,cia And Bg1 Cannot Access It
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