SDHC 8/16 GB memory card for optimum performance

    Hi, thanks for taking the time out to read this thread. My questions were regarding the wide array of SDHC memory cards sold by numerous merchants. I am currently using a Panasonic 10MP camera which is SDHC-compliant and as such, I am hoping to purchase a 8 or 16 GB SDHC card for optimum performance. Now I assume I am to look for SDHC cards with high read/write speeds and again, I assume that the higher the class the better the card? Finally, do makes/brands play an important role or is this one from Play ( a good buy seeing as I cannot find a 8 GB Class 6 SDHC card cheaper on any other reputable website? Thank you all in advance for your attention and replies.



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    Link to Play's own brand of 16 GB SDHC memory card:…tml

    thats 8gb no? anyway its class 6 which should be fine I use class 6 in my phone.


    hey emma, unless your panasonic camera is a DSLR (the big fat professional looking ones) and you don't do heaps of burst photography (where you take like 3photos in a second) then you will be fine going for a class 4.

    try this:…tml

    and use this to get 5% off too!…co/
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