SDHC 8GIG Memory Card For Panasonic TZ5

    Just got myself a new Panny TZ5 camera and now looking for a good named SDHC card. Need some advice on whether to go for a 16gig or 8gig and also brand names. I have always used Kingston in the past and had no problems but have also been recommended Transcend from Amazon @ £12 odd without delivery, although i have no experience of them.

    The best i can find is a Kingston 8gig class6 from Picstop @ £13.99 delivered but have also seen the recent deals for 16gig non-branded for £20 delivered.…8GB

    Any other recommendations before i buy ?


    Go for 2 gig cards so that if one fails on holiday for example, you dont lose all your pictures.

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    How many shots do you recon the 16GIG can hold with the picture settings maxed out ?

    PS porter... im not gonna regret doing my bllocks on this camera am i lol ? The missus was happy with the Ixus70 i ordered for £95... but boys and their toys :-D

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    Good to know. Rep added just for the reassurance :-)
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