SE Vivaz V iPhone 3gs

    Hey guys
    I know of the HTC Desire so don't need any comments on that smartphone
    what does everyone think of the new SE Vivaz? My contract is coming to an end and the Vivaz HD is getting some really good reviews, the camera is what is swaying me to think about getting one. I have the 3gs at the moment and turned to Apple when my C905 just couldn't handle all the software on it, loads of crashes etc etc.
    The reviews for the Vivaz are extremely good so far and no one is reporting problems with the Symbian OS
    has SE managed to iron out all the flaws from the C905 and Satia finally lol

    what's everyones thoughts on this?


    Going to a Vivaz from a 3GS will be like going back to the 80s!! Trust me on this. S60 is old and will not be a patch on the iPhone OS. If you want a better camera look at the SE X10 which runs Android, or wait for the new iPhone due in June/July.

    I looked at the vivaz. screen quite small and found keys quite little for texting - and I don't have big fingers.
    I went for the SE X10 and have absolutely no regrets. Its a great phone and haven't found any flaws with it yet!

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    So choosing the Vivaz would be going back in time lol
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