SE W810i

Found 15th Feb 2008
Okay, So I got one of those from the littlewoods deal.

Anyway.. Having a hard time unlocking it - me + shanecr are stumped.

I've bricked it a few times and brought it back to life, eventually we managed to unbrand it and thats about it.
Can anyone help me lock it, otherwise i'll have to take it somewhere tomorrow which is last resort.
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I have got W810i unlocked many times using remote unlocking. For this you will need a cruizer cable to connect your mobile with the multi server to unlock. it costed me £12 first time after that i am only buying credit for each handset to unlock.
Thanks but i'll only ever be unlocking one phone.
yup. stumped. the applying the patch with setools and writing script is not working.
Tried the one in the asda thread.

Got it unlocked today anyway.
how did u debrand it?
Uh you need the main firmware, FS and custom and xs++
If you want help pm me

If you want help pm me

or me :-D
exactly! shane is my jedi master.

exactly! shane is my jedi master.

you learned well padewan

hell, anyone wants help, pm us msn!! :w00t:
:w00t: more the merrier!

:w00t: more the merrier!

but no xbox fanboys
"He who should not be named"
well done t0mm, you guided your first debranding. im so proud :sniff:
I did! now its just for the unlock.
Yep! Thanks t0mm!! Mine is fine and dandy! Just need to get web working now.

btw im a xbox fanboy :thumbsup::thinking:
Abort Abort Abort!
shoulda bricked it!!!!
take it you 2 are sony prayers?
from the day i bought my ps1 on launch day lol
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