SE W810i Camera Problem

    About a month ago camera on mobile was working fine....

    but now when i try to load the camera it staring loading for about 2 seconds them it returns to the main Menu (where contacts, messages etc are)

    does anyone know how to fix it...


    might need the software updated my nokia n95 did that that i updated itand it was fine

    sounds like the camera button is sticking. Does it do it this way when you press the button on the side or when you go in through the main menu?

    Original Poster

    just updated phone firmware and still doing the same thing

    just tried via pressing the camera bution and though menu both not loading the camera goes tyo load for 2 seconds then returns to man menu....

    do other applications work ok? music etc?

    Original Poster


    do other applications work ok? music etc?

    yeah all applications work fine other then camera.

    Closed at OPs request. Thank you.

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