SE w910i over Nokia 6500slide??

    phoned up orange today as ive had a fault with my phone for months now and had it replaced 5 times!!! they finally offered me a different phone either the u600 or 6500slide so i opted for the nokia as i dont like it a good phone or have a made i bad choice???


    yeh its a very nice phone and a solid one infact. It can survive if its dropped.

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    ooo gdgd yeah they said on the phone it metal or something,looked at a few photos of it on the net and it looks pretty good seeing as my SE was plastic and im forever dropping it so it gets dented and scratched

    drop the nokia and it WILL dent - it is steel casing so dents show up easily

    the one i had was great for a month, then wouldn't recognise it's memory card and basically wiped all my songs and data.

    lovely phone when it worked, but not reliable

    got a great xda ignito now - fantastic!!

    Ive had my Nokia 6500 slide for months and months now and I absolutely love it!
    I would recommend this phone to anyone who loves nokia :-D
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