SE w950i on contract with "unlimited" browsing

    Hi folks,

    Looking for a deal like this :…50i

    For some reason Three aren't doing this deal at the moment - not sure if they've run out of stock or what.

    Anyway - I'm looking for a similar deal - max. £30 a month contract with unlimited web browsing. Not really looking for any cash back offers - but I guess that's where the best deals might be so willing to give it a shot as long as the first cash back isn't 9 months after the contract starts or something.

    Happy to go with any network (and new number) - although ideally would port my PAYG number from vodafone.

    So - anyone up to the challenge? ;-)


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    Super duper moneysaving would be to go with the likes of Three, use quidco, recommend a friend etc.

    Try and take a cheap handset to get extras eg half price line rental etc and flog that on eBay and buy the W950i on ebay aswell.

    With three you can add Xseries to your tariff for £5 which would give you the browsing you want!
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