Sea The Stars Greatest ever flat racing horse EVER

    SEA THE STARS-A horse in a lifetime


    what the hell you cant spell nevermind make any sense

    Sea The Stars = irish racing horse that won a triple.

    Not sure why you are stating that or what you want in return?

    thats not a horse.its a machine. unbelieveable:thumbsup:

    it didnt make any sense to me, maybe make things a bit clearer

    Six group 1 wins this year.
    What a pleasure to watch.

    I love horses, I slow down for them, I always stop and talk to the riders that I see on the local trails when I'm biking or walking but horse racing? That, IMO, is simply barbaric. Breeding horses to force them around tracks and over dangerous fences simply so gambling addicts can bet on them is not a sport. Face it, if gambling was outlawed today the only 'sport' that would cease to exist is horse racing.

    I know I am in a minority but I look forward to a time when we treat horses with the respect they deserve and don't force them to race just to feed man's gambling addictions.
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