Seabrooks Crisps, have teamed up with Aunt Bessie for a limited-edition run of crisps including Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding

Posted 7th Nov 2022
Going to give these a try! Aval from TODAY, 7th November, in Home Bargains, B&M and other major retailers

Seabrook and Aunt Bessie’s have introduced three new flavours straight from the table of your local carvery. The flavours include Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding, Roast Potato and Black Pepper, and Roast Turkey and Stuffing.

Seabrook’s packaging proudly displayed the logo ‘Lovingly Made in Yorkshire’ for many years before the 2017 switch to the current ‘Made With Pride,’ reportedly because overseas customers didn’t know where Yorkshire was.

Aunt Bessie’s, meanwhile, is a much-loved producer of all things frozen and Sunday-lunch-related, with its Yorkshire puddings held in particularly high regard. The brand makes over 900 million Yorkshire puddings every year.

Claire Hooper, marketing director at Seabrook parent Calbee Group UK, said: “Seabrook and Aunt Bessie’s are two iconic British brands and we’re really excited to introduce this flavourful collaboration.

“We know sharing crisp lovers are looking for something new and different to tempt their taste buds, so this Seabrook X Aunt Bessie’s collaboration will allow us to capitalise on that trend within the snack category.”

It’s not the first time Aunt Bessie’s has collaborated with a Yorkshire company. They previously teamed up with Northern Monk to create a Yorkshire Pudding beer and a Jam Roly Poly dessert beer.

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  1. andrewworrall1's avatar
    Sorry but they teamed up with the wrong people. Where's the Pepsi Max partnership eh? It looks interesting but as someone who doesn't like roast beef or roast turkey (or any type of turkey at that), I shall be giving these a miss
    Rmcstar's avatar
    Or an Iceland stuffed crust pizza combo
  2. Mrcrazyman69's avatar
    Sounds nice. I don't buy Seabrooks often but they usually make decent flavours. I previously liked their Jacket Potato and butter crisps they made, which although they sound a bit weird, were very nice IMO. It's a shame they no longer sell them.

    Has anyone tried that Aunt Bessie + Northern Monk beer? Sounds interesting but not sure if it's worth the money.
    Dan_82's avatar
    Dan_82 Author
    I missed out on those crisps BUT they sounded weird but gld to hear they were pretty nice!

    Not tried the beer either, again sounds pretty 'funky' for my liking!
  3. themachman's avatar
    All I'm saying ....
  4. Hotlipz's avatar
    Bought Seabrook's Beef a couple of weeks ago and they tasted of nothing! Golden Wonder are much better, better than Walkers too. If you haven't tried their Cheese & Onion, try them! They're yummy. Much better than Walkers.
    andrewworrall1's avatar
    I agree Golden Wonder is very full of flavour. I tend to go for the Walkers 45% Less Salt or Walkers Baked as I can't have too much salt but if I was someone who doesn't need to worry about that, absolutely Golden Wonder would be my first choice! Significantly cheaper than the Walkers products as well, shame Golden Wonder is typically only available in discount shops and not the main supermarkets
  5. SaturdayGigs's avatar
    Don't generally like their crisps, maybe wait to they hit Farmfoods for 20p to try.
  6. pwuk's avatar
    I'll wait for the Fortum & Mason foie gras flavour collab.
    Dan_82's avatar
    Dan_82 Author
  7. wpj's avatar
    Scorpion Chilli flavour.... Sell out too quickly when they come in stock at Lidl.
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