Seagate Or western Digital 500gb External HD

kind ppl

could you please give me your views on which one the external harddrives listed below is the better buy or all round better product







Well i have just bought the 320gb version of the Seagate drive from maplin, and i'm impressed so far.
It switches itself on and off with the PC and couldnt be easier to use (connect power+USB, then drag and drop). Seems quiet too.

Sorry, no experience of the other one though

Original Poster

thanks for help phil

any1 else got any advice on eithier of these ??

I'm more than happy with my 250Gb western digital. Had it for a few months without any problems. In fact thinking of getting another one (either 250Gb or next size up). I paid about £96+ then, but think the price has gone down a lot.

It's very quiet, small enough to sit ontop of PC tower, switches on and off with pc. I've even dropped it today :whistling: while it was on and still working great.

Charlie Brown

p.s. if you are getting it from amazon, you could go via Nectar online to get your points.

I got the seagate a few months ago when it was 69.99 on play - very nice, im not sure about transfer speeds, seems to be a wee bit slow but then i seem to only ever use it for HUGE files. Check the specs,

I work at Maplin and out of the two the Seagate seems to be selling bucket loads. Seagate 320 at the moment is 59.99. Id really recommend you go with the seagate. Even though WD isnt bad or anything, just that normally Seagate harddrives are extremely expensive
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