Sealed PS3 Game from Tesco with just a folded piece of paper and blank disc inside!

Found 19th Jun 2010
OK this has never happened to me before and I have never even heard of this happening to anyone before!

At 6pm earlier today in Tesco Extra in Llansamlet Swansea, I purchased a brand new and sealed copy of Blur on PS3. It had the original Playstation3 seal on it. Just a few minutes ago, I went to play the game, opened it from its seal and though hmm doesn't seem to be much of an instruction book with this... but then quickly noticed all that was inside the box was a blank white disc and a folded up piece of blank white paper where the instruction should be! WHAT!

Has anyone else ever heard about this sort of thing before? Is this common? I just called them back up but it's too late for me to take it back now so I need to go at 10am tomorrow morning to have them 'take a look'. I am so shocked and disappointed. I'm kinda worried now though that they don't think I've just put a blank disc and piece of paper in there myself!!
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You're not alone... it's happened before at Tesco…cos
Had the same thing with a sealed dvd in the same store, rang up, popped in and they swapped it over for me.
they should swap it buddy - its a rarity this but a pain in the ass if it ever happens

it why im somewhat greatful that places like hmv and game sometimes dont sell sealed games so u know your not having to mess about to take it back,
It has to be a sony / game manufacturer issue? Tesco can't seal the games as they are done at the manufacturing level. If it's happened before then Tesco should be getting on to the supplier for it. I haven't heard of this happening down my end (I work in a store) so might be down to a certain supplier?
Will def be the supplier rather than tesco, but tesco will look into it for sure. Don't worry
I really do hope they take it back off me and check other games infront of me, and swap this empty box for the real thing. If they don't, I will be calling head office infront of them. Thing is, it will be Sunday and i bet there will be no number to call tomorrow, typical.

So have others had the exact same folded paper and blank disc then?

The disc appears to possibly be a blu-ray as it has that purple tint to the back of it. There's a code on the plastic area but nothing else. The piece of paper is also clearly poorly cut with a scissors. Which to me makes it look even more like I did this myself. I can't work out how this can be possible? Are the publishers secretly sending out empty batches to con us?
It's funny that! I did too!!!! :whistling:

It's funny that! I did too!!!! :whistling:

I just thought... you can actually SEE inside a sealed PS3 game case. So I will actually check and get the staff to check the games in stock instore.

Obviously I didn't think to check myself as you expect the correct contents to be inside being sealed and all.
iv had summit sort of simmilar bought a 3 disc cd lastest one and the music on disc 3 was on disc 2 and misin on disc 2 was on disc 3 the only way i new this was i sold it on ebay and they emailed me and told me this so when i went in to my itunes which i copyed the cd befor i sold it and they were right so no feedback was left the cds were fine and the case and the print on the cd was how it should be ,tesco must be known for this sort of thing ,dunno where they are getting the suplies from ,they need to find a new surpplyer or summit.
Just an update, they were absolutely fine about taking it back and replacing it, phew! We also suggested they check the rest of the stock. I advised them you can actually see inside the box without opening it to see if it has the correct contents. You could see the piece of paper through the one I had initially, but of course you don't think to look, especially when its factory sealed.
That sucks, but stranger things have happened, that's because someone at the factory involved in packaging it thought they'd take the game, I met someone a few years back who when I asked why none of his games had cases he told me that his friend worked in a factory that packs them and would slip discs down his pants.
I couldn't believe it, but then I thought about it, there has to be a fair few that do it and go to car boots and stuff with them.
Saying that though I've never been unlucky enough to buy a game with no game in the case.
I've bought a game which had the wrong game in the case, I've also seen a factory sealed game have a disc snapped in two inside.
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