Search for a new laptop - budget £400-450

    im thinking of buying a new laptop, to replace my old pc
    ive got a budget of £400 but might lean towards £450 if i get a good deal

    these are the specs i want

    15" or 17" screen - dont mind
    i want a pretty fast processor, dont really know whats in at the moment
    hard drive around 320gb
    3gb RAM but 4gb would be nice
    vista premium
    and a basic graphics card, but not too basic
    a webcam built in
    i dont really care about blu-ray and hdmi slot but would be nice to have it

    id like to have extra warranty on it as im good at breaking things lol

    and one thing, i dont really like buying items from shops who dont have a high street store eg. ebuyer, scan, cdiscount etc. so its best not to buy from them

    anyone got any in mind at that price

    thanks for your help


    Have a look here:…572

    They are all decently spec'ed.

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    ooh thanks
    the comet ones look good
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