Search for modern electric fire in black finish.

    Ive been on the lookout for a cheapish modern looking electric fire for our living room. it seems to me though, that most of them are silver colour and I need black. i know chrome is very "in" at the moment, but its no good if it doesnt go with your decor. Would appreciate any help!


    What is your budget mom ?

    b & q do a good range - decent prices - get someone over sixty to buy it for you - and they can get 10% on a wednesday

    I got a really nice one from b&q it is called illusion, it is glass. It has black glass around the edge & in the middle its mirrored but a smoked clolour so it looks more black. on the website it looks like it is a normal mirror, but it isnt.
    At b&q it is £499 but Argos do one simular, but that one is only £399. The argos cat no is 4172372, but it may be that this one is actually mirrored.
    But have a look at b&q & argos, i think theres a voucher code for argos on hukd at the mo, but b&q you need a oap on a wednesday to get money off there.

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    cant find that catalogue number, but there is cat no 4172477 - dimplex. that looks a good one but its too wide for my fire surround. was hoping also to get a fire for under £250. thanks for all your help tho guys. my quest goes on. :roll:

    Sure it's got to be black busymom ??
    Todays Tesco Deal of the Day is this :…spx
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