Found 8th Aug
hi, thankyou for helping me yesterday,
what the problem is,im having a problem finding this bear to put on ebay for my niece,we have took a photo & tried to do a picture search through google,we went to the picture search & uploaded a picture what we had taken,it uploaded the picture to problem ,then it came up with lots of other bears,but non about the one we needed info on,this is the bear what we are looking for,so i can sell her bears,are we doing something wrong,as i had the same problem yesterday,with in 2 minutes,some kind person found the ones i was trying to find,so i must be doing something wrong,can anybody help me please thankyou3007793-C7y10.jpg3007793-r0cZ6.jpg3007793-IIMxg.jpg

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You probably will have more luck finding it by searching for the type of bear it is using the wording in the foot. My understanding which could be totally wrong is search will only find the exact picture, not look for same characteristics on other one.
iv tried what you wrote,i ended up with lots of badges lol
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