Searching for a big (cheap) wooden wendy house for Xmas :o)

Found 9th Nov 2009
Hi everyone!

My husband wanted to build a wendy house for our kids for xmas but he's sooo busy and I doubt it'll happen this year.... I wonder if anyone knows of any stonking deals at the mo please? We're wanting something that'll last them a long while, so sort of 6x6 ish would be good. And sturdy. And cheap... But definitely wood and with lockable door, and weatherproof windows, etc.

If anyone has one they could recommend or knows of any sale son at the mo, we'd love to hear!


Best wishes
Lucy xxx
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Whereabouts do you live?
you need a shed outlet...they have loads of choice.

this will give you an idea of prices?
We're in Crofton, Wakefield but can travel. We had a bid on one on ebay in Derby but didn't quite manage that..prepared to travel if it's cheap and nice ;-)

Thanks for the link...will check it out :thumbsup: x
These are good and not expensive (for wood), I think you'll need to add a lock to the doors though - waltons.co.uk/pla…ses

Oh, hang on, someone already said that!
buy a shed etc from b&q and adapt that?
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