searching for people

    looking for a friend i was in touch with years ago i know her name obviously and there she is well which city but thats it, does anyone know of any websites that are free which i can search on, the ones i looked at you have to pay


    checked facebook?

    friends reunited?


    yeah i would say facebook

    facebook is a good one, bebo, twitter, friends reunited, myspace.
    Or even asking friends of friends, or see if you can find a mutual friend on one of the above sites, and ask them or see if they are in their friends list

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    done all that but thanks anyway


    advertise you are looking for them via friends reunited?

    do you know where they worked??

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    i was trying to look on the electoral roll but could only find ones you have to pay for

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    anyone else know of any other sites please ?

    if you really wanted to find them, I would pay the few £'s to see the electrol roll, may be the only way.

    Anyway, good luck

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    its not a few pounds though the ones i was looking at was £90 and £100 lol

    Is it because their surname has changed since you knew them?

    Maybe searching by their maiden name isn't giving you what you want.

    So even if you paid would it show the up to date results?

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    i am searching in the married name


    i am searching in the married name

    not that then :oops:

    maybe she's divorced by now.

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    thankyou will give that a go

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    any other sites which are free ?

    PM me, I'll look on UK info disc. Not promising results mind

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    PM me, I'll look on UK info disc. Not promising results mind

    thank you have done :thumbsup:

    try putting an ad in your local ]gumtree, in the Desperately Seeking / Missed Connections under the Friends & Dating section. its free to do it.

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    thanks everyone

    Nothing on UK info CD sorry

    any luck?

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    yep i managed to find her thank you so much found her on 192 x
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