Searching for UK 2 Pin -> Euro 2 Pin adaptor

Found 27th Jul 2012
I'm from Germany and looking for a suitable adaptor to connect the UK version of Braun Oral-B Prof. Care 1000 (, which comes with a UK 2pin plug, with a standard 2pin Euro socket. Unfortunately, I only found those usual 3pin UK adaptors, so I wonder if
1. the UK 2pin plug (distance betw. both pins is said to be about 17mm) may fit into Euro sockets (~19mm) without an adaptor.
2. I the UK 2pin plug fits into a UK 3pin adaptor, e.g.…319

Any help is highly appreciated!

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You can buy a plug that lets you plug charger into normal uk socket from Wilkinsons for about 50p.(ie 2 pin to 3 pin). You could then plug this into a normal uk-eu adaptor plug. The Wilkinsons plug works for plugging my charger into normal uk plug, so I would have thought this would work.

Hope ths helps!

Not sure they have Wilko's in Germany.

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Ah of course, that would be possible. Still wondering if there's a 2pin UK -> Euro adaptor out there. Or even better, if it fits directly without such crutches

Guten Tag!!

Would something like this work for you?

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Hey, perfect German! And that adaptor looks promising, too! Maybe I'll give it a try, when the plug doesn't fit directly. Thanks marvellous!

Ich spreche sehr klein Deutsch.

Your English is much better than my German!!
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our 2 pin UK toothbrushes fit fine when we go abroad to Europe without requiring an adaptor
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