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Found 16th Jan 2007
Searching on HotUKDeals Helpful hint & tips

The search function on HUKD is a function that we all use at some point or other, be it successfully or not. The function itself sometimes isnt great at helping you find what you want, but here are a few useful hints that will make your (and my) life easier. Please use these hints before you post a deal, to make sure you are not creating a duplicate post.

I find the search function works best when you use as few words as possible. For example, if youre after a certain DVD, such as Saving Private Ryan, choose the most uncommon word in the title, and search for that only. The forum also works on the "AND" principle, if you want to search for two keywords together, it should be written like this: "washing AND machine".

Minimum Letter Function
Our search currently has a minimum letter function of 3 letters. This means you cannot search for words of 3 letters or less, such as Wii or SD. You can get around this by searching for another word that would be commonly used in conjunction with it if youre looking for SD cards just search for card. Read on down for more hints to go along with this.

When searching for any word that is less than four letters, use an asterisk as a wildcard.For example: 4Gb*

The asterisk * is then counted as an invisible letter, which brings up posts with 4Gb mentioned in them. It can also be used to find four letters or more with just a part of the word available. For example: *xle* This found axle and loxley for me. However, it doesn't work on two letter words though.…jpg Search narrowing
You might not know about it, but we also have an…php advanced search function , which I could not live without. See the images to the left? To access it, click the search button on the green bar at the top of the forum, and select advanced search. It has many features which are really useful. They are as follows:…jpg * Search titles only * This sometimes does not work terribly well, but it definitely narrows down the hits when you are looking for something in particular. As mentioned above, if youre looking for an SD card, put card in the search box at the top left, and select search titles only, as shown in this picture to the left.

Obviously it comes up with other hits, such as cards, or Graphics cards. What I then suggest is using the Ctrl + F buttons on your keyboard, to search for the word you are looking for (E.g. SD) and you can get through a few pages of hits in seconds, to hopefully find what you need.
…jpg * Search by username *
You can narrow your search down by the user who posted. For example, if youre having trouble finding a thread, but you know the name of the user who started it, you can search using this method as well. It can be handy, in that you can search for both basic posts by that user, or actual threads started by that user.…jpg * Search by forum *
You can also narrow your search down to specific forums the image to the left is pretty self-explanatory.

…jpg * Search options *
I dont use these ones very much personally, but you might find a use for them. I do frequently use the Show results as to help in my searching. Sometimes its useful to view all posts in a list, rather than a list of the thread titles.

Lets put all these advanced search functions together with an example. Say I know that Rayman posted a thread about a 19 monitor, and Im having trouble finding it. Using the advanced search function, I type monitor in the search box, select Search thread titles only , select Rayman as the username, select Find posts by user , select the hot deals forum only and click…651 search . Try it out and see what you find!! There are quite a few hits for that!

The more of these functions you can use in your search the less bad hits you will have making your results easier to use.

Posting new voucher code deals:
If you are thinking about posting a deal for a voucher code, instead of trawling through the voucher section to see if it is already there, simply put the actual code in the search box. This will give hits of any posts that contain the voucher code, so you'll immediately know if it's ever been posted on the forum or not!

Let me know if you can think of something extra that would be useful in this guide.

If you need further help with searching, feel free to ask.

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[CENTER][SIZE=5][COLOR=#ff0000]Using front page filters[/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER]

[img-float=left][/img-float]Not a lot of people know this, but the forum ][COLOR=blue]front page[/COLOR]is also extremely useful for searching. The filters on the left hand side are very useful in narrowing down deals.

For example, if you remember a good deal you recently saw from amazon, but are having trouble finding it, simply filter by merchant, selecting “amazon” and clicking the filter button. This will show you all deals posted by amazon in reverse chronological order. You should be able to quickly skim down the pages and spot the deal you are after.

Even better would be to narrow it down even further, by category or type. The categories are fairly self-explanatory, but they do reply on the original poster having selected the correct category. For example, for a tube of toothpaste at Boots – one person may have chosen the “health & beauty” category, while another may have chosen “general shopping”.

[img-float=left][/img-float]The “filter by type” is particularly useful for voucher codes. When I’m going to buy something online at Avon, I select “Avon” as the merchant, and select “vouchers” as the type, and click filter. (See the image to the right hand side) This lists all the current vouchers for Avon in one handy list, more easy to access than the voucher section. Of course, this can be done for any retailer.

These filters even have a function which enables you to check the expired deals – if you know the deal you are looking for has been expired, but you maybe want to make a comment on it – this greatly eases your chances of finding it!!!
Here's what I recommend - have a play around with these filters when you are searching for things - you can't break them, and you just might find some useful features that I can add to this list!!![/FONT][/SIZE]

VERY USEFUL TIP: when you go to the front page, and just click the "filter" button, the page shows a list of all the new deals posted, in reverse chronological order. As the deals forum has been so busy lately, it can be hard to spot new posts that might be of interest to you. Use this tip to view all the new deals since you last visited the forum, in one handy page!!![/FONT][/COLOR]

This needs to be stickied!

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I'll do it shortly, just made it

lol I realised that by timestamp :P

Good effort emma ... very useful and appreciated :thumbsup:

Thanks Emma.

More homework for me and [COLOR="Red"]very[/COLOR], [COLOR="red"]very[/COLOR], useful.:thumbsup:

Thanks Emma Very useful and nice layout too!

Very nice guide :thumbsup:


Cheers, helped me.


Fantastic, I'll use the search a bit more now that I know how to use it. Learned a few things from this post. Thanks. :thumbsup:

Very helpful, thanks Emma :thumbsup:

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Very helpful, thanks Emma :thumbsup:

You're welcome

Thanks Emma, that is very helpful :thumbsup:

hey what happend with search by merchant it is realy bad.b4 find voucher for e.g was realy easy,to filter now very difficult.
or may be I missing something.please explain
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