Seasons Holidays Competition Scam

Found 13th Jun 2008
Nearly got suckered into this.
Received a Recorded Delivery letter today saying that I had won a prize to the value of £3750.00 in an Internet Prize Draw Entry.
Didn't know which competition it was so I Googled it and lo and behold hundreds of other people had got these as well. It's a timeshare deal.
Be warned!!
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Thanks for the warning.
I own at Seaons Laughne park and it is the best thing I have ever done, bought about 10 yrs ago and I have access to not only all over the world (though Interval International) but also to late breaks in this country at all the seasons resorts, I can even just pop in for a Swim in any of their pools for free - for roughly £45 in a 2-3 bed villa from Mon to Friday or Friday to Monday, they are the most brilliant company and I am so glad I bought with them, I never have to use my timeshare week - I bank it and go somewhere Like Cypress harbour In florida, (where I go every year for 3 weeks, it would cost me over £100 per night - I pay £100 for the week for up to 6 people in a two bed villa on an amazing complete just by Seaworld.

So yes I know timeshare people have had a bad name but to be honest Seasons are the best you get everything you pay for with them and I personally would highly recommend, as I said I have been with them for 10 yrs. My friends and family also benefit as I am allowed 12 'gettaways' per year for family and friends.
cheers for the tip !!
I'm usually good at spotting these but as you say being on here & entering
''millions ''of comps every day !! could be very misleading ..........:thumbsup:
funny enough ..............................I 'won' one of these too today .. !!!!!!!!
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